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5 Top Apps for Managing Your Investments

Susan Kelly

Oct 26, 2023

It could be hard to choose assets and ensure that amounts align with your financial goals. Portfolio management tools are available to make this process easier and faster as technology improves. Investors have many options, from simple, cheap apps to complex analysis tools. Among other things, these apps often let you handle your assets.

Anyone can use an app, from people just starting to experienced buyers with specific needs. No matter how much you know about investment application portfolio management, this article has many tools and user interfaces to help you. This thorough research will help you find the best investment portfolio management software.

Understand Portfolio Management Apps

Desktop and mobile portfolio management tools easily combine data from various investment accounts. They show your stock holdings, the share amount for each stock, and sometimes the profit or loss from each investment. Portfolio management applications are essential for anyone with several accounts, such as tax-advantaged retirement and taxable brokerage accounts, since they centralize asset tracking.

Considerations for Choosing a Portfolio Management App

Investors wanting a holistic view of their diversified investments across accounts and platforms need these applications. Portfolio management applications organize and analyze financial assets regardless of investment knowledge. Selecting a portfolio management software requires matching features to your experience and investment tracking time.

A portfolio management tool should integrate your bank, savings, credit card, and loan accounts. This feature gives a complete net worth overview, a central goal of such programs. The top portfolio management applications also show all your investment assets and performance indicators by asset type.

Using Portfolio Management Apps for Security

Portfolio management tools and applications use two-factor authentication, encryption, and third-party security like banks and financial brokerages. Note that portfolio management software security varies. Each application portfolio management offers strong security, but you should use the utmost security standards on each platform to protect your money. No online system is immune to security concerns.

Best Portfolio Management Apps


E*TRADE, a prominent online brokerage for hands-on clients and small companies, offers its automated Core portfolios to passive investors as a mobile robo-advisor. E*TRADE's $0 account minimum and commission-free trading on US-listed stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds emphasize affordability. It can trade mutual funds, bonds, CDs, IPOs, and futures. E*TRADE offers instructional tools, interactive charts, technical analyses, and market trackers for novices.

Investors can use paper trading accounts, portfolio analyzers, and rebalancing tools. Margin trading, calculators, and analyzers are accessible, but tax-loss harvesting is not. For mobile customers, E*TRADE's investment portfolio management software, easy-to-use app, is accessible on iOS and Android.

Retail investors and traders may find IRAs, brokerage accounts, small business retirement accounts, managed portfolios, and more at E*TRADE. It offers over 6,000 transaction-free mutual funds, appealing to mutual fund fans. Robo-advisory services demand a $500 minimum investment and a 0.30% charge, which may be more than other platforms. One may examine online brokerages or investment applications depending on interests and needs.

2. Fidelity Go

As an automated financial advisor, Fidelity Go uses computer algorithms to create individualized, cost-effective portfolios for hands-off investors. The revolutionary platform's investment specialists make daily trading choices in addition to automation. Starting at $10 and with no account requirement, Fidelity Go makes investing accessible to anyone.

Tax-loss harvesting is unavailable, and human advisors require a $25,000 account balance.

With its technology-driven, human-supported investment strategy, Fidelity Go and its portfolio management tools make investing easy on the web, iOS, and Android smartphones.

Some Main Features:

  • No account requirement, only $10 to invest.
  • Expert management by human investment specialists
  • Automated, personalized portfolios
  • Personalized investing path with many account options

3. Robinhood

Robinhood, an online investing platform, is known for its commission-free US-listed stock trading. Its high-yield cash management, margin trading, and IPO access attract investors. Robinhood trades cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum without fees, making it an intriguing option. The company also provides a cash card that gives customers 10% to 100% rewards at their favorite stores.

Robinhood only provides 18 coins, which may be less than other top investment platforms. Insider recommends examining various cryptocurrency trading sites for more options.

Robinhood matches 1% for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) but not joint or education savings accounts. Robinhood, founded in 2013 and based in Menlo Park, California, offers iOS and Android software for accessibility.

Robinhood appeals to investors seeking commission-free trading and straightforward investing possibilities. Cryptocurrencies and rewards make the site appealing. Alternative application portfolio management platforms may be better for those who desire more cryptocurrency alternatives or account features like joint accounts and college savings.

4. Ellevest

Ellevest is ideal for hands-off investors seeking customized investing or retirement strategies. It serves different clients and closes gender-based financial inequities while accepting all gender identities. The portal provides financial advisor consultations and rollovers for employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Ellevest succeeds at combining automated investment and retirement accounts with tailored human guidance, but it may not fit consumers seeking portfolio customization, joint accounts, custodial accounts, or tax-loss harvesting. However, it excels at referring parents and guardians to top-rated custodial accounts for different investing alternatives for their children or dependents. Ellevest, available on iOS and Android, offers flexibility and simplicity for those seeking individualized, automated financial advice with a low minimum.

Ellevest is a promising balance between automated investment and human-guided financial planning. Its diversity and tailored investing techniques stand out. However, potential investors should examine alternative platforms for investment portfolio management software if they value active trading, a more comprehensive range of account kinds, or tax-loss harvesting. Ellevest's focus on making investing accessible and personalized makes it a standout investment option.

Charles Schwab

5. Charles Schwab's Convenience and Cost Efficiency

Charles Schwab combines ease and affordability. It offers cheap index funds and ETFs with zero transaction costs on most assets and is known for its low fees. It has 350+ US branches, improving accessibility and customized service.

Charles Schwab manages $7.58 trillion in assets. A $0 brokerage account minimum stresses inclusiveness and investor freedom. The website provides various account alternatives, including automated ones, trading tools, 24/7 client assistance, and detailed research for educated decision-making.

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