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Top Drone Insurance Companies

Susan Kelly

Feb 18, 2024

The employment of drones in corporate settings is just one facet of their ever-growing popularity. According to the latest data released by the Federal Civil Aviation Authority (FAA), there were more than 858,000 drones located in the united Us since about February 2022, the overwhelming of which were used for leisure activities (more than 500,000).

And to be honest, this number does not even consider all of the drones now cruising over our beautiful sky. The FAA requires drones that cost over 0.55 pounds but less than 55 pounds to be licensed. Since the FAA only checks drones that cost more than 0.55 lbs., although less than 55 pounds, the FAA does not need registration of the little drones that may be purchased on As a point of interest, drones carrying more than the FAA requirements are registered with the aircraft database.

Purchasing insurance for your drone from the best drone insurance Companies is something you should consider doing regardless of the reason you have one or the model you have. Even though a homeowner's insurance company will probably compensate you for destruction to your drone that occurs while it is on your property, this kind of coverage will not cover its usage for commercial purposes. In addition, if you use your homeowner's insurance to cover your drone, you may be required to pay the threshold on your tenant's insurance policy, which may not be financially viable for many disputes.

Due to these factors, owners of drones have the potential to and probably should obtain drone liability insurance, which pays for damages to property or injuries to people inflicted by their drones. You may also consider purchasing hull coverage, which pays for your drone repairs if it sustains physical damage. In addition, you can get add-on coverage for things like equipment and remote controls.

We analyzed the Top Drone Insurance Companies of drone insurance to determine which companies provide the most comprehensive protection, including recreational utilization of drones.


Because their quadcopter health plans come with unlimited general liability with limitations ranging between $500,000 and $25 million, which is larger than its rivals, we decided to go with BWI Fly coverage as the company that offers the finest maximum insurance requirements overall.

This distinction goes to BWI Fly Drone Security since the company offers insurance requirements that may be purchased in extraordinarily large sums, up to $25 million. Since its inception in 1977, BWI Fly has provided customers with yearly insurance packages by that A+ certified Drone Insurance Companies. You can also customize your insurance to meet your specific requirements, a useful feature in the realm of drones, which encompasses a wide variety of drones in terms of their forms, sizes, and intended uses.


  • Getting liability insurance in sums up to $25 million is possible.
  • You can obtain coverage valid for the full year with annual plans.
  • Add-ons allow you to personalize your insurance package.


  • There is no provision made for on-demand or daily coverage.
  • To acquire a price estimate online, you need your drone's serial number to acquire a price estimate online.


AI is our best selection for adaptability since you can acquire an implementation budget, get protection by the week, or acquire drone health insurance for quick spurts of the moment by the minute. Additionally, you can purchase drone life insurance for short bursts of time, even if you don't have a pilot's license.

Due to the adaptability of this company's pricing options, it is a good choice for pilots who fly their drones frequently and those who do so only sometimes. SkyWatch.AI was established in 2016 and has received funding from significant investors. AM Best has given Starr Insurance an A grade for financial soundness, and this company is responsible for underwriting all of its insurance products about drones.


  • Purchase protection on a yearly, monthly, or hourly basis.
  • You can only buy coverage through the mobile app when you need it.
  • There are offered property insurance in quantities of up to ten million dollars.


  • There is no provision for international protection.
  • The monthly protection is only valid for the geographical areas specified in your insurance policy.


Thimble is one of the best Drone Insurance companies that allow you to buy drone coverage for a single flight or several flights spread out over the year. You will also receive quick coverage verification, which benefits hobbyists who might make a spur-of-the-moment decision to operate their drone for recreational purposes. Because of this, we consider Thimble to be the most reputable drone insurance provider for enthusiasts. This insurance is perfect for enthusiasts or those who may only fly a drone once or twice throughout their life because it may be acquired for a particular instance from the firm that offers it.


  • Utilizing the mobile app, and purchasing coverage just when it is required, is a simple process.
  • Coverage for both recreational and business activities is offered.
  • Quickly and easily obtain a free estimate online.


  • There are options for monthly subscriptions, but then you can get annual insurance at this time.
  • Downloading the app is required to provide evidence of coverage.


Your coverage from follows you wherever you go, although some areas are not included due to the local rules regulating drone use in such territories.

Our decision to recommend as the finest provider of foreign coverage was based on the company's promise that your insurance policy would follow you virtually anywhere you go with your drone. REIN is an insurance platform that primarily focuses on providing on-demand insurance products. runs on this platform. Although the firm is still relatively new (established in 2015), its founders have made the intelligent decision to collaborate with insurance industry veterans.


  • The coverage area extends almost entirely over the globe, except for certain regions and nations that prohibit the use of drones.
  • You should only get an implementation budget or coverage when you need it.
  • Add-on coverage allows you to tailor your insurance to your specific requirements.


  • You will need to establish an account to obtain a free quotation online.
  • Standard insurance does not offer coverage for physical damage as standard coverage.
  • does not currently provide coverage for residents of the different states.

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