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What are the Best Obscure Credit Cards in 2023

Triston Martin

Jan 04, 2024

Logically, some credit cards would fall through the cracks with many alternatives. Even worse, some cards garner attention for all the wrong reasons. One person's ideal credit card might be another's nightmare. Credit cards are readily available; pick one that suits your spending habits and provides useful bonuses and incentives.

Different credit cards provide perks for various forms of spending. You may reduce your travel expenditures with a credit card, on everyday purchases earn cash back with a rewards card, and use a balance transfer credit card to pay down your existing credit card balances.

You may use a credit card to improve your less-than-ideal credit history. An introductory 0% APR credit card might save you money on interest costs if you've been eyeing a pricey purchase. Let's discuss some of the best obscure credit cards out there now. You won't see ads for these cards on the side of the road, but savvy credit card users and frequent flyer program members will have them.

5 Best Obscure Credit Cards With Good Perks

Amex Business Platinum Card

The Business Platinum Card is well-known for its lavish introductory offers. However, many consumers ignore the card itself. Due to the prohibitive $695 yearly charge, many customers choose not to use the card. When you redeem your points through Amex Travel, you'll get a 35% refund, making Business Platinum one of the greatest cards.

When you use your card and pay for an entire flight with points through American Express's travel site, you'll receive a 35% points rebate on premium cabin reservations and a 25% points rebate on economy flights on the airline of your choice. It is a fantastic backup plan when searching for an award seat on a flight.

Booking a cash price also allows you to accumulate airline miles for the trip. It is one of the rare times when it is recommended to use a travel agency rather than a travel website to book your journey. Those just starting to use points for travel will also find many useful features on the Business Platinum Card.

Chase Freedom Flex

The Chase Freedom Flex is a great option for anybody wishing to earn cash back because there is no annual fee and useful bonus categories. Get 5% back on travel booked via Chase Ultimate Rewards, 5% back on dining and pharmacy purchases, and 1% on all other purchases (needs activation) in categories that change every three months.

Chase Freedom Flex cardholders get more than just extra categories when they make qualified purchases; they also receive purchase protection, extended warranty protection, certain travel protection, and mobile phone protection.

Spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of creating your account, and you'll get $200. Chase also offers partnerships with airlines and hotels, including United MileagePlus and World of Hyatt, to which points may be transferred at 1:1.

Bankamericard Credit Card

If you have credit card debt, you may significantly reduce it with the BankAmericard credit card. Balance transfers and purchases receive a 0% APR for the first 21 billing cycles (after which rates range from 15.99% to 25.99% variable).

A transferred sum can be paid off over 21 months or nearly two years. To avoid paying a 3% charge on the total amount of any balance transfer, you should make the switch within the first 60 days after opening your account.

The same deal is available for new purchases, but no perks are associated with using the card. To avoid the high-interest rates of other credit cards, you may transfer your balance to BankAmericard. You'll be helping out your finances and credit at the same time.

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

The SavorOne Cash Rewards Card is a good option to earn cash back on purchases with no interest charged first. It's also one of the few cards that give you money back on things like eating out and going to the movies.

There is a 3% balance transfer charge for transfers made during the first 15 months, after which the variable purchase APR will be 19.99% - 29.99%. Capital One's SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card doesn't pay extra fees for using it in a foreign country. In addition to the standard warranty, they provide a free concierge service and a 24-hour travel help service.

Get 3% cash back on eating out and groceries, gas, 5% on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel, 8% on Capital One Entertainment purchases, and 1% on everything else you buy with your card. Spend $1,000 in the first three months after creating your account, and you'll get a $200 cash bonus.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

One of the greatest travel credit cards available is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Its rewards program is difficult to beat because it covers many different types of spending and offers such low rates on travel.

When used for a statement credit, each point is worth $0.01, but when used for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards, each point is worth $0.025. If you obtain a Chase Ultimate Rewards card and spend $4,000 in the first three months, you'll get 60,000 bonus points worth $750 in travel.

Many travel-related benefits are included as well. There are no costs for international transactions, and you may exchange points at a 1:1 ratio with participating airlines and hotels. All in all, this is an exceptional deal considering the $95 price tag.


These are unquestionably superior to other cards in the points and miles industry. Everyone should think about the cards on this list at some time. Your spending patterns will determine the best cash-back credit card for you.

Finding a credit card that rewards you monetarily for spending a lot of money in one particular category, like groceries or petrol, is a smart move. However, a flat-rate cash-back card is more practical if you want an overturned credit card type. Combine a flat-rate card with a card that gives you a bonus at your favorite stores to optimize your cash-back profits.

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