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Prepaid Debit Cards for Kids: Choosing Between GoHenry and Greenlight

Triston Martin

Dec 13, 2023

Financial literacy is essential for youngsters, and GoHenry and Greenlight seek to make it fun and practical. GoHenry or Greenlight card is crucial for parents looking to teach their kids money management. Both firms provide prepaid debit cards for youngsters with unique features to help them grasp finances. These technologies introduce ethical spending and provide a regulated environment for managing finances. In the competitive world of prepaid debit card for kids, parents must comprehend GoHenry and Greenlight's strengths and differences to teach their kids financial skills.


GoHenry is an interactive family money management program that teaches kids financial skills. GoHenry allows parents to get individual bank cards for their children with different designs, unlike Greenlight. Parents can use debit cards to fund their children's GoHenry accounts. This tool lets parents sponsor up to four kids with one account. Parents may schedule periodic allowance payments, make one-time transactions, and set aside cash for specified activities using GoHenry. GoHenry lets youngsters donate a modest amount regularly to the Boys & Girls Club of America. Parents can limit spending and restrict card use. Real-time spending notifications, quick card barring and unblocking, and FDIC protection of up to $250,000 help kids learn about spending, saving, and giving.


Greenlight teaches kids about money management, including investing. Like the GoHenry card, Greenlight lets parents automate weekly allowance payments, make fast transfers, and finance extra duties. Parents may monitor spending with real-time expenditure notifications in the app. Parent-paid interest in Greenlight lets parents pick a monthly interest rate, teaching kids about the growing potential of their money in an interest-bearing account.

Greenlight+ and Greenlight Max programs also teach students about investing and compound interest. This option may let youngsters invest in their favorite firms. Greenlight offers FDIC insurance and SIPC coverage for investment accounts to protect banking goods. Parents can easily fund their Greenlight accounts with a bank account or debit card and manage funds for up to five children, promoting comprehensive financial literacy development.

GoHenry VS. GreenLight

GoHenry and Greenlight aren't quite the same. Depending on the following variations, your family may be able to choose the best service.


GoHenry and Greenlight card differ in investment. Greenlight offers investment accounts, whereas GoHenry manages money through banking. This difference allows Greenlight to teach your child investment basics as part of their financial education.

Greenlight's investment function lets parents teach their kids about investing. Parents supervise and approve trades before they are done. This hands-on method lets parents watch their children's investing selections, helping them learn about financial markets and tactics.


The cost differences between GoHenry and Greenlight may help you choose the ideal solution for your family. Both sites charge monthly, but their methods differ. Greenlight's $4.99 base plan covers the entire family for one monthly rate. Families with up to five children pay this cost. Instead, GoHenry charges $3.99 per child every month.

Greenlight's three price tiers for distinct features and services set it apart. To introduce your youngster to investing, Greenlight+ costs $7.98 per month. For $9.98 per month, Greenlight Max includes identity theft and purchase protection.

Identity and Theft Protection

Greenlight's tools go beyond financial aspects, setting it differently. Greenlight offers identity theft and phone protection for families wanting a complete solution. This plan enhances your family's financial stability. Greenlight's prevention of identity theft provides robust monitoring to secure children's identities. This feature increases identity theft protection by detecting and mitigating risks.

Additionally, Greenlight protects electrical gadgets, especially cell phones. Using a Greenlight debit card to buy a mobile phone protects you from theft and damage. Personal gadgets are essential in today's digital age; this extra protection is vital. This comprehensive plan costs more but covers more facets of family security. GoHenry card does not yet provide a comparable range of features, making Greenlight an exciting option for families seeking more protection beyond financial management.

Digital Wallet Integration

A significant difference between GoHenry and Greenlight card is digital wallet integration. GoHenry prioritizes banking products and fundamental money management, but Greenlight adds connectivity with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Kids 13 and older may now use Greenlight with Apple Pay and Google Pay for a contemporary and simple banking experience. This feature enables young users to add their Greenlight debit card to smartphone digital wallets for safe purchases. Greenlight lets youngsters efficiently use their phones to buy things with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

GoHenry prohibits minors from using Apple Pay or Google Pay with their debit cards. This designation emphasizes Greenlight's dedication to leading digital financial solutions that match its young user base's inclinations and technological habits. Greenlight's easy integration with various digital payment systems may appeal to parents seeking a service that simplifies financial learning for children and teenagers.

Family Size Flexibility

Another significant distinction between GoHenry and Greenlight is the amount of children allowed. GoHenry allows up to four children per account, which may suit smaller families. However, Greenlight provides up to five children per account, making it more inclusive.

Greenlight's ability to handle up to five children on one account may appeal to bigger households. This disparity is especially noticeable in price. GoHenry charges $15.96 monthly for four children if you optimize your account. Greenlight's basic plan covers the whole family for $4.99 monthly and allows up to five children. Greenlight's family-centric pricing plan makes it affordable for multi-child homes. Greenlight may be better for families looking for a cheap and scalable platform for handling funds for additional children.

Who Should Choose Which Card?

GoHenry, Greenlight, or other family money management solutions should be tailored to your family's financial management requirements and preferences. Number of children, parental restrictions, security, and functionality are essential.

GoHenry's $3.99 a month per kid approach may be suited for single-child households focused on financial literacy. The platform teaches kids money management basics. With a $4.99 monthly family-based price scheme,

Greenlight is best for more prominent families. For families with numerous children, Greenlight is cheaper than the GoHenry card since it supports five children. Greenlight's several options, including investment accounts and improved features like identity theft and phone protection, provide families with a complete financial toolkit.

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