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EveryDollar Budgeting App: Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks Explained

Triston Martin

Dec 13, 2023

Dave Ramsey and his colleagues created the EveryDollar budget app, a fundamental Ramsey Solutions financial tool, to help ordinary Americans manage and budget their money. EveryDollar's financial literacy focus sets it apart among a spectrum of products. The software has several tools to help users manage their finances and make wise choices. While the free edition shows its possibilities, the premium membership allows more advanced and automatic budgeting.

Features of EveryDollar App

Cost Breakdowns

EveryDollar's color-coded, user-friendly spending breakdown makes tracking money easier. Users may immediately detect spending trends and make educated decisions to improve their financial bottom line by classifying and listing costs inside each category.

Plan to Pay Off Debt

EveryDollar automates Dave Ramsey's debt snowball strategy. It shows balances, minimum payments, and due dates to help you pay each loan. Deb snowballing is fun, but users should weigh it against more financially sound alternatives like prioritizing higher-interest loans.

Tracking Goals

EveryDollar budget app helps customers define and manage realistic long-term financial goals. The software promotes disciplined goal-setting and progress monitoring for education or down-purchase savings, recognizing that financial planning requires defined goals.

Free Trial

EveryDollar's premium edition offers a 14-day free trial to try out all the features before subscribing. This trial period boosts consumer confidence and guarantees the premium version fits their money management demands.

Pricing and Plans

EveryDollar provides the following three different programs for different budgets:

Free Plan

EveryDollar's free edition offers basic budgeting options. Paywalls for premium services were shared during our testing, unlike Mint and Personal Capital, which are free budgeting apps.

Despite these limits, the Free plan has valuable features. Users may choose from pre-loaded budget categories and adjust the remainder to their spending habits. This tweak is helpful for people with non-categorical spending.

EveryDollar's Free plan asks customers to list their monthly income, including several sources. With this first phase, users construct budgets based on understanding their money inputs. The Free plan incorporates Dave Ramsey's debt snowball approach for debt repayment. This innovative technique simplifies and speeds up debt payments by assigning extra cash to more minor obligations, even in the free version.

Premium Version

EveryDollar Premium, formerly EveryDollar Plus, is a powerful budgeting application that improves money management. This $9.99 per month or $99.99 yearly premium edition offers tools to help customers achieve financial well-being beyond simple budgeting. EveryDollar Premium lets you link bank accounts and credit cards to the app. Automatic transaction import simplifies money management by removing data input. The EveryDollar best budgeting apps allows users to access their bank accounts securely.

Automatic Expense Tracking is a game-changer that precisely records every financial activity, from debit or credit card swipes to check writing. This tool provides real-time spending information without pen-and-paper or spreadsheet monitoring. Premium adds Automatic Account Balance Tracking for checking, savings, credit card, student loan, and other lending accounts. Though it lacks investment tracking, it provides a complete financial picture.

Premium customers may customize reports to their requirements, which is another benefit. The vivid visuals provide a precise and individualized financial summary, helping you understand your financial health.

EveryDollar Premium's Spreadsheet Exporting tool benefits spreadsheet budgeters. Users may easily export budget and financial data in CSV format, connecting with their chosen spreadsheet tools. Premium uses your purchasing history to provide intelligent Tracking Recommendations. The software categorizes manually logged costs as it learns your spending habits, providing tailored insights and improving budget accuracy.


Ramsey+ adds two services to EveryDollar Premium for a complete financial empowerment package. The yearly subscription costs less than $11 monthly, making it an affordable but effective tool for financially responsible people.

Financial Peace University, a nine-lesson transformational curriculum, is a Ramsey+ highlight. These lectures teach budgeting, saving, and wealth-building using Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps principles. Financial Peace University covers spending, real estate, insurance, asset development, and charity giving to help you succeed financially. Group Coaching emphasizes mentoring and community support. Live webinars allow participants to learn about money management from qualified trainers. This interactive coaching program shares knowledge and builds community to help financial journeys.

Ramsey+ mixes education, mentorship, and community participation, making it more than a financial tool. Ramsey+ provides Financial Peace University and Group Coaching to help people manage their finances, grow wealth, and attain financial peace. Ramsey+ offers affordable subscription options as a financial investment.

Advantages of EveryDollar

EveryDollar has various characteristics that make it a popular budgeting tool:

  • First, the platform's user-friendly design with enticing colors and images enhances the experience. The site is easy to use, and vital information is provided upon login.
  • Educational aspects in EveryDollar, especially Ramsey+, constitute a significant benefit. This complete bundle includes Ramsey-vetted financial professional group coaching sessions and educational resources.
  • Users gain personal money insights and help from this entire strategy beyond budgeting. Free trials boost EveryDollar's attractiveness. Unlike other rivals, it lets customers try the platform before subscribing to determine if it meets their money management needs.
  • EveryDollar's efficient budgeting tools let customers establish customized budgets that fit their lives. The platform helps users reach financial objectives by coaching them and offering tools to track progress.
  • For EveryDollar budget app review, Premium subscribers, automated spending tracking is revolutionary. This tool facilitates money management by automatically capturing category expenses and showing real-time spending tendencies. Although reserved for premium subscribers, this feature streamlines budgeting.

Disadvantages of EveryDollar

EveryDollar has remarkable capabilities. However, potential users should be aware of its drawbacks:

  • Price is a significant drawback. Premium options like budgeting and goal-setting cost $99.99 yearly. This pricing may be too much for some people because Mint and Personal Capital offer similar functions for free. EveryDollar's free edition is restricted compared to the premium version.
  • Lack of credit score monitoring is another issue. Despite Dave Ramsey's advice to avoid credit, many people understand the necessity of a strong credit score for loans and mortgages. EveryDollar budget app does not maintain credit ratings, which may be a drawback for those who appreciate this service.
  • Additionally, EveryDollar cannot track investments. Since investing is essential to long-term wealth-building, the lack of tools to monitor and manage investment accounts is concerning.
  • EveryDollar's investment monitoring restrictions may disappoint those seeking a complete financial management solution. Before subscribing, customers should consider these drawbacks against the platform's benefits.

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