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4 Top iShares ETF Recommendations

Triston Martin

Oct 26, 2023

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) allowed investors to diversify their portfolios with stocks, bonds, and other assets in one fund, revolutionizing investing. Like mutual funds, these funds trade like stocks on stock markets. Passive management makes ETFs cost-effective, with low expense ratios.

ETFs have grown to handle trillions of funds worldwide in the previous decade. The sheer quantity of iShare bond ETFs spanning various sectors, businesses, and asset classes might confound new investors. We've compiled a list of top ETFs by investing approach and focus to help you choose.

Working of iShare ETFs

BlackRock's iShare bond ETF is an exchange-traded fund. These funds invest investors' money in a broad portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other assets. Stock exchanges allow investors to purchase and sell iShares ETFs at market prices daily.

An Authorized Participant (AP) works with BlackRock to create iShares ETFs. The A.P. gives the issuer a basket of assets that matches the ETF's holdings in exchange for ETF shares. However, investors can redeem ETF shares with the A.P., who obtains the underlying securities.

ETF prices are controlled by secondary market supply and demand and are generally close to the underlying assets' NAV. ETF NAV is based on underlying holdings. Unlike traditional mutual funds, iShare bond ETFs give investors diversity, liquidity, and transparency while allowing them to obtain exposure to a specific market area or asset class at a reasonable cost.

Understanding and categorizing ETFs by emphasis helps investors match their investments to their goals, values, and risk tolerance. It lets investors customize their portfolios to meet their ideas and views while diversifying across niche areas or topics. Here are a few categories of ETFs.

ETFs for the broad market

It is an ETF that tracks an extensive index like the S&P 500 and exposes investors to diverse equities from different industries. The S&P 500 ETF tracks the 500 largest publicly listed U.S. corporations, encompassing a broad economic spectrum.

Sector-Specific ETFs

Sector-specific ETFs track firms in specific industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, etc. A technology ETF would hold Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet shares. Sector ETFs can help investors profit from industry development while controlling risk and diversifying their investing approach.

ETFs for bonds

Bond ETFs invest in government, corporate, and municipal bonds. An iShares bond ETF that invests in government bonds may own U.S. Treasuries. Municipal bond ETFs hold bonds from local governments, whereas corporate bond ETFs hold corporate bonds. Fixed-income investors may diversify, receive interest, and appreciate these ETFs.

ETFs with Specialties

Specialty ETFs provide investors with unique tastes. Technology-focused ETFs invest in cutting-edge tech businesses. ESG ETFs support based on ethics and sustainability. Some specialty ETFs focus on commodities, real estate, or developing markets.

Best iShare ETFs to Buy

1. ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF

Bitcoin's price has fluctuated ishares etf list since 2021, but it has risen over 60% this year, benefiting crypto stocks. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) invests in Bitcoin futures, a regulated financial route. Therefore, it's organized, unlike cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin futures provide BITO exposure to the cryptocurrency's gains and losses. Despite not investing in Bitcoin, it has grown by almost 40% this year, including dividends. It's a viable alternative to typical stock purchases, especially for those wary of Wall Street's volatility.

BITO has become a prominent crypto investing player with $950 million in assets under management. It shows the rising interest in crypto-related financial instruments, appealing to investors seeking a more organized and regulated way to participate in the crypto market.

2. WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund

The WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ) is appealing after the Nikkei 225 index rose over 30% since January. Strategic hedging against U.S. dollar-Japanese yen currency swings boosts the ishares bond ETF performance and appeal to investors.

DXJ's year-to-date gains, surpassing the Nikkei by almost 35%, demonstrate its durability and promise. Despite uncertainties surrounding U.S. and European markets, overseas investors are increasingly gravitating to Japanese shares. DXJ's diversified portfolio of approximately 400 components, including industry giants Toyota Motor Corp. (T.M.) and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. (MUFG), allows investors to profit from this trend.

The ETF captured the spirit of Japanese stocks, providing a one-stop solution for investors wishing to capitalize on the market's momentum. DXJ intrigues investors seeking exposure to this expanding industry since its hedged structure protects against currency fluctuations.

3. Sprott Uranium Miners ETF

The Sprott Uranium Miners ETF (URNM) has become a nuclear energy player with a 40% year-to-date rise. URNM is the largest and most liquid ETF for publicly listed atomic energy companies, worth $1.1 billion.

URNM, an international fund with half its assets outside the U.S., provides diversified exposure to the worldwide uranium mining business. Canadian uranium miner Cameco Corp. (CCJ) and Kazakhstan-based National Atomic Co. Kazatomprom (OTC: NATKY) lead the fund, exhibiting its global reach and strategic investing strategy.

The fund targets firms with at least 50% of their assets in uranium mining. URNM also has 12% actual uranium. URNM's performance has improved because of the rising optimism that this business would drive a fossil fuel transition in the following decades, making it an appealing investment for energy investors.

4. VOO S&P 500 ETF

Investors who can ignore short-term market volatility can find long-term possibilities by being patient. Bitcoin, A.I., and avoiding difficult places may be appealing, but remaining on course and relying on Wall Street's long-term profit potential may be wiser.

Market confidence is rising due to the Federal Reserve's aggressive inflation control. Resilient consumer sentiment suggests stock investors may purchase. A core holding like VOO may be wise in this context. VOO lets investors ride the wave without overthinking it.

Despite fears and uncertainty, stocks have grown 10%+ in 2023, emphasizing the value of sticking with blue-chip investments. VOO is a solid alternative for handling the market's ups and downs while concentrating on Wall Street's long-term stability.


The dynamic world of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) has transformed investing, delivering diversified portfolios and cost-effectiveness like mutual funds but with stock trading flexibility. The iShares bond ETFs make it easy for investors to access multiple asset classes.

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