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A Global Overview: Property Prices Across Different Countries

Susan Kelly

Oct 24, 2023

The property market is dynamic, constantly shifting, and changing based on various factors. From economic stability to political scenarios, numerous elements influence the rise and fall of property prices.

In this article, we'll explore the average property prices in different countries and see how they stack against each other.

London Property Prices from a Global Perspective

Property investors have always loved London, a busy city with a rich history and famous attractions. The typical London 2-bedroom flat costs £799,000. The global average for a similar home is £176,000, making London one of the most expensive places to invest. UK property prices are 49% higher than the global average, making it the 19th most expensive.

Top Five Countries with the Highest Property Prices

Due to their skyrocketing property prices, certain countries always come to mind about luxury, opulence, and the dream of owning a home. Let's explore these countries and understand what drives their property market.

Hong Kong

At the forefront of high property prices is Hong Kong. A standard 2-bedroom flat here will set you back by a staggering £1,440,000. The city's status as a significant financial hub and limited land for development has pushed property prices to such heights. Hong Kong is difficult for typical homeowners because this price is seven times the global average. The city's mix of Eastern and Western cultures continues to draw investors and people. The rise in Hong Kong property prices shows its constant demand.


Not far behind is Singapore, another Asian economic giant. A 2-bedroom flat in this island nation costs around £986,000. Singapore's strategic location, robust economy, and high quality of life make it a magnet for global investors. The government's strict land-use policies and the city's appeal as an international business hub contribute to its high property prices. The rise in Hong Kong property prices has often been compared to Singapore, given their similarities in economic stature and land scarcity.


Switching to Europe, Switzerland stands out with an average property price of £772,000 for a 2-bedroom flat. Beyond its picturesque landscapes, Switzerland is known for its stable economy, banking sector, and high living standards. These factors and the limited land availability due to the Alps result in elevated property prices. Interestingly, Switzerland also ranks high in the commercial property price index, indicating a strong demand for commercial spaces.

South Korea

Back in Asia, South Korea, mainly its capital, Seoul, has seen a surge in property prices. A 2-bedroom flat here averages £601,000. The country's technological advancements, pop culture influence, and urban development have made it a hotspot for real estate investments. The government's efforts to stabilize property prices have been a topic of discussion, especially when comparing it to London property prices and their respective government interventions.


Completing our top five list is Luxembourg, where a 2-bedroom flat costs about £547,000. As one of Europe's smallest countries, Luxembourg boasts a strong economy, strategic location, and multilingual population. Its role as a financial hub in Europe and limited land availability are primary drivers for its high property prices.

Countries with the Most Affordable Property Prices

While some countries are out of reach for average homebuyers, others offer affordability without compromising quality of life. Let's explore these nations.


Topping the list of affordability is Egypt. A 2-bedroom flat costs £24,000 here. Despite its rich history and culture, property prices are low due to political instability and economic issues. However, for investors with a long-term perspective, Egypt presents potential opportunities, especially compared to other nations' commercial property price index.


Next on our list is Pakistan, where the average property price stands at £25,000. While the country has faced its share of challenges, its diverse landscape and young population present potential growth opportunities. The vast difference between Hong Kong property prices and those in Pakistan highlights economic development and real estate demand disparities.


Venezuela offers cheap housing at £27,000 per unit. The country's economic and political turmoil has hurt its real estate market. Despite low pricing, buyers and investors must be cautious and investigate.


In Bangladesh, the average property price is £39,000. Bangladesh has urban planning and infrastructure issues as one of the densest nations. However, its growing economy and young workforce indicate potential for future growth. When comparing Bangladesh's commercial property price index with that of more developed nations, it's evident that the country has room for growth.


Rounding off our list is Tunisia, with properties priced at an average of £40,000. This North African nation, known for its Mediterranean beaches and Arab-Berber culture, offers a blend of affordability and cultural richness. The difference between London property prices and those in Tunisia is stark, but each has unique appeal and investment potential.

Commercial Property Price Index Insights

The commercial property price index is a crucial reference point for many investors and businesses. This index sheds light on the vitality of the retail property sector, pointing out areas ripe for investment. The commercial property price index paints a broader picture as residential property values continue to soar, especially in Hong Kong. It underscores regions where the business environment is burgeoning. For instance, while residential London property prices might increase, the commercial property price index might reveal untapped commercial hubs.

Hong Kong Property Prices

The staggering property prices in Hong Kong frequently become the talk of the town among investors. A 2-bedroom flat in this vibrant city averages a whopping £1.4 million. Such steep prices result from a combination of factors: the scarcity of land, soaring demand, and Hong Kong's esteemed position as an international financial center. When one contrasts this with London property prices, the difference is stark. Yet, the Hong Kong property prices, especially in the commercial sector, indicate the city's unwavering appeal to global investors.

Europe's Property Landscape

Europe presents a diverse property market landscape. On average, a 2-bedroom flat in this continent is priced at £193,000. This figure surpasses the global average by 16%. Switzerland emerges as the frontrunner in Europe, boasting an average property price of £772,000.

Conversely, Turkey stands out for its affordability, with properties averaging £66,000. The European commercial property price index also offers insights into potential business hubs, even as residential Hong Kong property prices and London property prices continue to be points of global comparison.

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