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How To Check Your Wells Fargo Credit Card Application Status: An Overview

Triston Martin

Dec 23, 2023

Compared to some of its rivals, Wells Fargo offers a rather modest selection of credit cards; however, the cards it offers are among the best. Learn the Wells Fargo credit card requirements before applying for one to increase your acceptance odds. Applying for a new credit card from Wells Fargo may be simple, but waiting for the card to arrive may feel like an eternity.

While you wait for a decision on your Wells Fargo credit card application, you may check its status online or by phone. However, if you have applied for a Wells Fargo card and have not heard back immediately, this article will tell you how to check your application status and what to do next.

How Can I Check My Wells Fargo Credit Card Application Status?

The online tracking system is the most user-friendly method to see where your Wells Fargo application stands. All you need is your login info. If you'd rather speak with a human being, you may always call customer care to inquire about your application.

Checking the status of your application is a straightforward procedure, and you may do it in a few minutes. Your application status (accepted, refused, or pending) will be communicated to you by the service agents.

The judgment will be sent to you within seven business days. Your card should arrive within 10 days of receiving the approval status. Wells Fargo customers who call for assistance may not always reach a live person. When prompted, say, "Check the status of my application." Then you may proceed to enter your SSN.

Even if you don't have access to Internet banking, you may still check the status of your application. A special access code will be provided so that even if you aren't a Wells Fargo Online client, you may still log in safely to see where your application stands. Emailing Wells Fargo's customer support department is another way to get updates on your application status.

What To Do While Waiting For An Application Response

The greatest thing to do if you've applied for a credit card and are still waiting for a response is to be patient. Credit card applications may take several weeks to receive a final decision from some lenders, despite many financial institutions making their choices within a day or two. While you're waiting, feel free to:

Keep An Eye On Your Email

In most circumstances, you will receive the decision on your credit card application by email before you receive the physical letter. Check your mailbox regularly, and don't overlook the spam section.

Sign In To Your Online Portal

Many credit card issuers and banks enable you to monitor the status of your pending application through a secure online portal. If you have an existing online banking or lending account with the institution in issue, you may be able to use that account to track the status of your new credit application.

Check Your Mail

Whether they are congratulating you on your acceptance or explaining the reasons why your credit card application was refused, nearly all lenders will give you information about their decision through the mail. Examine the whole alphabet to make sure you haven't forgotten any.

Call Customer Support

You can always call the card issuer's customer care if two weeks have passed and you still haven't heard anything about your application. There are special phone numbers for checking the progress of credit card applications with some companies. If you cannot locate one, don't hesitate to contact the main customer support line.

Instant Approval Credit Cards

A credit card with instant approval is what it sounds like. The approval decision for an instant approval card is made immediately following the completion of the application process. Before issuing you an immediate acceptance credit card, a bank or lending institution will quickly review your credit score and history.

You should be aware that accepting certain fast credit cards is conditional, meaning that the lender might rescind the decision after a complete check of your credit. Remember that despite the recent query causing a minor decrease in your credit score, getting denied for a credit card will not negatively impact your score.

Depending on the circumstances, lenders might be unable to make a quick call on whether or not to approve your loan. The odds of getting approved for an immediate approval credit card are highest for those with strong or exceptional credit.

Getting Preapproved For A Credit Card From Wells Fargo.

If you want to see if you've been pre-selected for a Wells Fargo credit card, you may use the bank's handy tool on its website. It won't impact your credit score and may be completed in about a minute.

Check your eligibility for a Wells Fargo credit card online. Be sure to provide your complete name, current address, and SSN's last four digits. You may skip this if you already have a digital banking profile with Wells Fargo.

You will be notified after submitting the form if Wells Fargo has any prequalified card offers. If a card issuer sends you a prequalified offer, it implies they have a good idea you'll be accepted for the card based on your provided information. However, this is not a guarantee of success.


Most credit card applications, submitted online or over the phone, are approved within minutes. Seeing a pending status on a credit card application because the issuer requires more time to review your information can be irritating and perplexing.

Providing full and precise information on your application is the easiest approach to prevent a pending status. However, issuer investigations do occur, and there may be situations when you must cooperate. Regardless of the cause, you should hear back within a week. If you don't hear anything about the progress of your application within a reasonable amount of time, you may always phone or check online.

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