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How to retire in Thailand: An Overview

Susan Kelly

Dec 09, 2023

According to tourist reports, around 60 million people visit Thailand each year, and this number is increasing each year. Thailand is a fascinating place for tourists, and people above 50 prefer to retire in Thailand.

Thailand's culture and uniqueness attract people from all over the world to experience its cuisine, freshness, environment, mountains, and lifestyle, which many people out of the region missed. There are over 1430 islands, 35ooo temples, and mountains, making it a destination for people above 50 to move and enjoy the rest of their lives.

If you are above 50 and decide to retire in Thailand, that won't be a bad decision. But still, you need to know certain important facts about visa requirements, how much you need to retire in Thailand, and many more.

Let's look into this blog to find answers to your queries about Thailand retirement visa requirements, or you need to know how much money to retire in Thailand and why this place is best suited to you.

How To Retire In Thailand?

Before moving to any country, a little research about the place, people, and culture always saves you from the upcoming disaster that ultimately ruins everything. Therefore, you should know about Thailand, its people, culture, and its facts before retiring there.

Speaking of the facts, we cannot simply rely on a common opinion that Thailand is beautiful and we should spend there. To be more confident about the decision, let's look more into the facts:

Thailand Retirement Visa Requirements

Are you interested in applying for a visa in Thailand after retirement? You must fulfill their requirements. These requirements are quite simple to follow and have been outlined below:

  1. You should be older (50 years or above) per the new retirement visa rules Thailand to be eligible for the Thai retirement visa.
  2. According to the new retirement visa rules, you should have at least 2000$ per month to retire in Thailand. So, if you were thinking, "Can you retire in Thailand with 1 million" the answer is a yes, as the minimum income requirement is only 2000$/ month. If you have one million, you can enjoy sunny days in Thailand for months, but this could be your choice.
  3. If you are eligible, apply for a Thai retirement visa, pick up a place there, and find the hotels to book.
  4. Once you find it, make your bank account in a Thai bank and transfer your money there.
  5. You are far from your destination by just a flight. Here you go!

How Much Money Do You Need To Retire In Thailand?

Do you know how much to retire in Thailand?

If you are asking yourself, "how much do I need to retire in Thailand" and getting stressed as this decision could be burdened you financially, worry not. Thailand is not costly.

You can easily live there for just $2000 to 1500$ per month. It is affordable to live there, completely following your favorite places without breaking your bills. Also, you shall have money to save after spending money on bills, home repairs, food, and traveling. So do not pressure yourself much about the expenses.

Single Man Retiring In Thailand

How would it be being a "single man retiring in Thailand"?

Many people ask "how much to retire in Thailand," especially living alone. Would they be eligible to live in Thailand? The answer is yes. You can retire there being a single person. All you need is to have 2000$ per month. But let me clarify that this amount is not fixed as you can stay in Thailand if you earn $1500/month.

Retiring In Thailand Pros And Cons


Most people, especially retirees, move to Thailand to spend the best of their time under the beauty of beaches, resorts, and mountains. Here are some other reasons why Thailand is a tourist destination after retirement:

  1. Its untouched culture is a huge reason for its popularity among tourists.
  2. Thailand is one country that provides long-term visas and many opportunities for retirees to feel alive.
  3. Probably the best reasons for tourists to move to Thailand could be the low cost of living and limitless opportunities to enjoy Thailand's internal beauty.
  4. Though Thailand is an emerging economy, it still has good infrastructure, better opportunities, and priced facilities that you can easily afford.
  5. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Thailand is beautiful with its marvelous historical places and natural beauty, but we cannot ignore the truth that bad things happen everywhere.
  6. Thailand is the place of every tribe. You won't have difficulty finding people of your nation or language. You will probably meet the people of your tongue. So, there won't be any issue regarding the language barrier.


Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Thailand is a tourist destination and a beautiful place with its marvelous historical places and natural beauty. However, you still need some help retiring in Thailand. We want you to be aware of them before getting stuck. So, below are the cons or problems retiring In Thailand:

  1. Since you are moving to a different place, cultural shocks might be one of the cons. There might be some prohibited words or movements, and you can get caught doing them. To avoid embarrassment, know about their values as well.
  2. Thailand is an emerging or developing country that follows strict rules and regulations. Any violence you get involved in the country would be dangerous. So, before you book any place, search about it as there are some conflicted places there.
  3. Thailand has strict requirements, and their vaccination rules might piss you off, but adventure awaits you.
  4. Thailand has a high child abduction rate, though child protection agencies actively work there but be aware. If you take your children with you, protect them, and if you ever find any problem, ensure that agencies help you on time.


It is hard to find a place that owns you with all your miseries, taps you with its warm and sunny days, and shadows you with mountains and waterfalls. Great to you if you have planned to move to a place of mountains, beaches, and the best cuisine in the world: Thailand.

To retire in Thailand, you have to be on their requirements before. So, you must complete the credentials first to spend your retirement at a place of joy and cheerfulness. Happy traveling!

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