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5 the Best Day Trading Apps in 2023: An Overview

Triston Martin

Dec 12, 2023

Day trading is an investment strategy that lasts for just one trading day. Shares can be bought and sold all day long through Internet trading platforms. A day trader aims to start the day with an empty investment portfolio and complete all daily trades.

Day trading has the potential to be a very lucrative business if done properly, and it comes with several advantages. Day traders typically lose a lot of money in one trading session. If you want to trade stocks successfully, you need a dependable app. The system must be quick, effective, and simple to operate.

The best day trading platform allows investors to engage in online trading. An investor's complete portfolio can be managed using one of these portals. These apps allow users to make instantaneous purchases and sales. Some investment options are stocks, currencies, commodities, and digital currencies.

Trading on a mobile device should be quick and versatile. Investors can quickly begin and close various transactions and make trades all day. Here you can find the best unlimited-day trading apps that provide access to various investment vehicles.

Best Apps For Day Trading In 2023


Regarding the best free day trading apps, E*TRADE gets good grades for being comprehensive and meeting the needs of most investors. E*TRADE offers not one but two mobile trading platforms: the standard E*TRADE app and the more advanced Power E*TRADE app.

The normal E*TRADE app provides users with an intuitive platform for making trades, managing accounts, keeping up with the latest news, and conducting research and screening on stocks, among other things.

Active traders should download the more feature-rich Power E*TRADE app. This app allows you to trade futures and options and conduct in-depth technical equities analysis in real-time. Review data suggests that the Android app has some technical problems that are less prevalent on iOS, so that's something to think about.


All investors, from novices to seasoned pros, can use Fidelity's extensive selection of financial products and services. Options, futures, crypto, fixed-income instruments, foreign trade, and even fractional shares of stock are all available to you. In addition, it provides access to a wide variety of investment accounts, such as 529 college savings plans, IRAs, and individual brokerage accounts.

Like many other trading applications, Fidelity allows you to purchase and sell stocks, ETFs, and options listed in the United States without paying a commission. No fees are associated with trading newly issued fixed-income assets like CDs and bonds. The Fidelity mobile app provides a simple interface; thus, it's among the best day trading apps for beginners.

Stock quotes are readily available, top market performers may be viewed, and top-rated funds can be researched by industry and specific purpose, such as funds for fighting inflation or retirement.

TD Ameritrade

One of the greatest collections of mutual and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is available through TD Ameritrade, along with online trading in stocks, options, futures, currencies, certificates of deposit, bonds, and more. TD Ameritrade is one of the top 10 trading platforms on the list that does not charge a commission when buying or selling stocks, ETFs, or options; instead, it charges $0.65 per contract.

No matter what time, TD Ameritrade's customer service is always available. Those who prefer a more personal experience can visit one of more than 250 locations across the United States that offer walk-in customer assistance.

TD Ameritrade's online and desktop platform, thinkorswim, may be a good fit for investors searching for more sophisticated trading tools to carry out intricate plans and trades. Another useful platform element is paper trading, which lets inexperienced traders practice their skills with virtual funds.

SoFi Invest

Regarding the best day trading stock apps and stock market brokerages, SoFi Invest is a top pick for inexperienced investors. Although SoFi's mobile app lacks the features of some of its larger competitors, its simplicity makes it ideal for users with less market expertise.

SoFi Invest provides limited investing options for both taxable and retirement accounts. Yet, both stocks and ETFs are widely available. Stock Bits is a product SoFi offers that allows you to invest in fractional shares at no additional cost. Moreover, SoFi has recently introduced options trading.

For supported investments, the SoFi app's stock trading feature provides access to basic fundamental data and up-to-date price charts. The categorization of equities into groups makes it easy for novice investors to find inspiration. Stock account pages inside the app also have instructive articles.


Magnifi is a platform where investors may utilize various brokerage tools and AI to optimize their portfolios. You may quickly get all the data you need about any specific asset to get the best returns and the best-fitted investment plans.

You can look for specific types of investments, scan for assets in a certain price range, or search for all investments. This platform caters to investors and those who need client support; thus, it is among the best companies for day trading and investing.

But you can also use the AI-powered investing assistant without paying commissions. In addition, access to the platform via a mobile application and the chance to choose from more than 15,000 opportunities are the other perks you can benefit from. Therefore, merchants of all skill levels find Magnifi the best place.


Different stock trading applications will have varying functionality depending on their creators and intended users. Spend some time learning about your options before settling on one. There is usually no cost to download or sign up for them.

Take advantage of that to try them out and determine if they meet your needs. One need not be limited to a single app. Try working with multiple and determining which one is most effective.

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