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What are the Best Technology Jobs in 2023

Susan Kelly

Feb 09, 2024

Everyone wants to work in a paid field, but entry-level technology jobs can be hard. If a prosperous job in technology has always been your lifelong goal, you're in luck. Although development in the tech industry has slowed recently, it is still an excellent industry if you are looking for a promising future career.

The field of technology is the best bet for a big wage. Although a few years of experience are necessary for the highest-paying professions in technology, the effort is well worth the reward.

Since the beginning of the Information Revolution in the 20th century, the need for qualified professionals in this field has surged, ushering in a golden age of nearly endless possibilities. If you want to know what technology jobs pay the best and want to work in technology and make money, your search is over. Here is the list of the best jobs in technology for you.

What Are The Best Information Technology Jobs?

The field of information technology encompasses numerous sub-specialties and occupations. We've categorized some of the most in-demand and best jobs for technology by sub-specialty to make your search for a suitable career in technology a little less daunting.

Artificial intelligence Career

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology that allows robots to mimic human intelligence in areas such as perception of visual data, conversation, and decision-making. AI, machine learning, and NLP engineers are just a few specialized jobs in artificial intelligence.

Although many experts predict that AI will eventually replace humans in the workplace, such predictions don't account for the growing demand for people skilled in AI technology. It is a cutting-edge technological area, with many people still questioning the morality of widespread AI use.

Computer Systems Analysts

It is considered as the top technology jobs. In this position, you'll analyze the workflows and systems used by an organization's computers, then suggest changes to boost efficiency. Computer systems analysts and other IT specialists develop solutions to problems and blueprint innovative methods for meeting an organization's requirements. Internal system enhancements can be made to hardware, networking, data storage, and security.

Understanding the inner and outside workings of computers is essential for a career as a computer systems analyst. Employers often seek soft skills, sometimes known as "hard to teach" or "non-cognitive" skills.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is well-versed in creating software, from the user interface to the underlying infrastructure. They can coordinate with several groups to complete tasks, including planning, coding, testing, and releasing a product.

To succeed in full-stack development, you must have an in-depth familiarity with many different technologies, not just HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Full-stack developers need strong, soft skills as well. To work well with the many teams on a project, they need to have excellent problem-solving and communication abilities.

Blockchain Careers

If you're familiar with Bitcoin, you're also familiar with the Blockchain, a decentralized and secure ledger technology utilized for various applications, most prominently in the cryptocurrency industry and supply chain management. A few examples of Blockchain-related jobs are developers, architects, and consultants.

Experts in Blockchain are in high demand as the technology gains popularity and finds applications in additional fields. Recent worries over the value of cryptocurrencies haven't dampened the optimism that this trend will continue. This job considers the best technology jobs of the future.

Network Architect

A network architect is a specialist who plans and executes a company's data network. They assess the business's computing needs and plan the infrastructure (hardware, software, and communication protocols) accordingly. The objective is to guarantee that the organization's communication networks are safe, extensible, and capable of meeting current and future demands.

This position requires extensive networking technologies and protocols knowledge and a solid computer science and network engineering background. Network architects must effectively communicate and collaborate with various technical and non-technical stakeholders to meet the company's needs.

Software Engineering Manager

This individual oversees the work of the project's other software engineers. They are in charge of leading the team that creates their software, programs, and applications. You must earn a computer science bachelor's degree to qualify for this position.

Many businesses favor management and leadership experience candidates, so earning an MBA might be a plus. You must also demonstrate proficiency in relevant programming languages and several years of relevant work experience. Although becoming a manager might be a lengthy process, it is ultimately rewarding because it is one of the top jobs in technology.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers create and enhance IT solutions and act as a conduit between development teams and operations departments to facilitate communication and collaboration. This position is crucial to developing and maintaining the company's IT and cloud infrastructure, increasing output.

DevOps engineers are responsible for developing, testing, and releasing new software and systems, as well as their deployment and maintenance. Experience with automation, installing infrastructure, and developing applications on cloud platforms is usually required, along with a bachelor's degree in software engineering, computer science, or a similar discipline.


Researching the field's crucial to prepare for a new technology role thoroughly. It's also helpful to have an idea of your potential salary in hand before beginning salary talks. Companies are offering high salaries to compete for the best available tech personnel.

Many IT jobs are available today; math, physics, or technology expertise is no longer needed. The tech business welcomes newcomers, and it's not hard to break in if you know what you're doing. Nonetheless, many IT specialists work independently or for a small tech firm, providing IT services to various businesses.

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