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How Does PayPal Pay Work in 4?

Triston Martin

Nov 16, 2023

You can spread the cost of an eligible purchase between AUD 30 and AUD 2,000 across four interest-free instalments when you utilize PayPal Pay in 4.

Expense Amount

You understand that the Credit Amount mentioned in Clause 1.3 above may not match the cost of the goods and services purchased depending on: any extra payments you might be required to make following the terms of the purchase agreement with the merchant, such as but not limited to shipping fees, insurance fees, etc.; and any changes in the applicable exchange rate that happen between the time the transaction is approved and the time your PayPal account is debited.

The Execution And Performance Of This Contract

By accepting this Contract, you expressly agree that performance under this Contract shall commence immediately upon your acceptance and not during the fourteen (14) calendar day withdrawal period outlined in Clause 3 below.

For whatever reason, including our assessment of your creditworthiness, PayPal retains the right to approve or refuse applications for the Pay in 4 Plan at its sole discretion.

Cancellation of this Agreement

You may cancel this Contract anytime by contacting us as described in Clause 8.4 below without giving a reason. You have fourteen (14) calendar days starting on the day you enter into this Contract to do so.

If you want to terminate the Contract, you are still liable for any outstanding Credit Amount.

The purchasing deal is cancelled.

Suppose you can cancel the purchase transaction to which this Contract relates by returning the products to the merchant, for example. In that case, the merchant will typically credit any applicable sums back to your Pay in 4 Plan. This amount will be used to settle any outstanding Credit Amount.

Your choice to merely cancel a portion of your order under the purchase contract or the merchant's partial refund will result in a reduction of the Credit Amount, and the subsequent instalments due under the Repayment Plan will be proportionately and evenly decreased as a result. You may view your amended Credit Amount and Repayment Plan by logging into your PayPal account.


The credit amount must be repaid in line with the repayment schedule, which may have been modified.

On the dates specified in the Repayment Plan, each payment will be automatically deducted from your selected Repayment Method (as it may be amended from time to time).

You can pay either the leftover Credit Amount or the following instalment of your Repayment Plan at any moment. You can contact our customer care team, log into your PayPal account, navigate to the Pay in 4 sections, and pick the "Make a Payment" button.

You will receive credit for any payments you made in compliance with this Contract.

In 4 Transactions, Your Payment

There is just a AUD version of the Buy in 4 Plan. When checking out, PayPal will automatically change the transactions to Australian dollars presenting using the Buy in Four Program, you for transactions that are not in AUD. Any necessary currency conversion or additional fees will be applied following your PayPal User Agreement.

We Are Responsible

Both you and we will not be held responsible if we are unable to fulfil any of our obligations under this Contract or if you are unable to use your Pay in 4 Plan as a result of our compliance with applicable laws or regulations, unusual as well as unexpected events outside of our prudent control, or whose consequences, despite our best efforts to the contrary, would not have been averted.


In derogation of your PayPal User Agreement, any notice that must be given to you by us under this Contract will only be delivered to you by posting it on the PayPal website(s), emailing it to the email address linked to your PayPal account, calling you at your phone number, or sending you a "text" / SMS message.

Changes to this Agreement

We may update any provision of this Contract to make it fairer to you, clearer to understand, or to reflect changes in the law or regulatory requirements. You will receive a minimum of 30 days' written notice before the change takes effect.


This Contract shall terminate immediately upon the complete repayment of the Credit Amount. If we find out that lending to you was based on incorrect, false, or incomplete information; If we find out that lending to you was based on inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete data;

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