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Instructions for deactivating a shared-access card

Triston Martin

Feb 05, 2024

Becoming an authorized user on someone else's credit card is one way to establish or repair your credit history. Once approved as an authorized user, you'll be issued a credit card with the primary cardholder's account number and your own. The primary cardholder is responsible for paying any charges incurred with the secondary cardholder's card.

Becoming an authorized user of someone else's account can help you build credit because timely payments will be reported in your name to the credit reporting agencies. It's like having a credit card, but more accessible, and it's available to you even if you don't have good credit.

Method for Deauthorizing a User

The procedure for removing an authorized user is straightforward and can be done for various reasons.

To The Cardholder:

Authorized users can be removed from a credit card account by calling the customer service number on the back of the card and placing a removal request. Although canceling an authorized user's access to your credit card account may be handled differently depending on the card issuer, the cancellation will take effect instantly if you do it.

The steps for deleting yourself as an authorized user are identical to those outlined above.

  • Contact the credit card company's customer service at the number listed on the back of your card and request to be removed as an authorized user.
  • You may accomplish this using the issuer's website or mobile app.
  • Follow up your call to customer care with a letter that includes your full name, the date of your call, the last four digits of the account you wish to be removed from, and a reference to your call.

Consequences Of Adding A Cosigner To A Credit Card

Authorized users can be added or removed easily, although doing so carries some risk for both the primary cardholder and the authorized user. Importantly, your credit score will reflect your good and negative financial habits. For instance, if the principal cardholder fails to make a payment, this may negatively impact your credit score.

According to Experian, approved users will not see adverse effects on their credit reports from late payments. Authorized users can see both positive and negative information reported by Equifax and TransUnion.

The Rationale For Deauthorizing A User

Sometimes you need to stop communicating with an authorized user. When maintaining that authorized account becomes more of a hassle, it's time to close it. The cardholder is using excessive credit and is acting irresponsibly with their payments.

When adding a trusted friend or family member as an authorized user, establishing limits is essential to prevent abuse. The person should be cut off from the account if their spending becomes unmanageable.

You Haven't Been Reimbursed For Any Of The Authorized User's Purchases.

As the primary cardholder, you are fully responsible for all payments due after each billing period. Making a payment arrangement with an authorized user is crucial in ensuring that their expenses are paid promptly. They must be removed if the authorized user causes problems or refuses to pay.

The Authorized User's Credit Score Has Increased; What Should You Do Now?

I would consider this aim successful if the authorized user can get approved for their credit card, ideally with valuable points and perks. It's now overdue to let them go.

Credit Repercussions of Authorized Users

Depending on the primary cardholder's spending habits, becoming an authorized user on someone else's credit card can have positive or adverse effects. Your credit score can rise if you consistently make timely payments and don't carry large balances.

Because of this, many people advise students, young adults, and others with a poor credit history to add an authorized user to their credit card accounts as a first step toward repairing their credit.

To Keep Your Authorized User Status

In the absence of a request to be removed as an authorized user, you can keep using the card as usual. Your credit report will not include a record of your account's history.

If you are liable for part of the charges, it may be best to negotiate with the cardholder and pay down the debt together. Since the debt is not in your name, you are not compelled to make any payments toward it.


Think things out thoroughly before you get involved with another person's money. Though adding an authorized user can help you develop credit, knowing what to do is essential if the primary user runs into financial trouble.

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