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Aetna Medicare Review 2022 in Detail

Susan Kelly

Oct 16, 2023


The Aetna Medicare plans provide older citizens with access to an extensive medical professional network, zero monthly charges, and reasonable copayments. Aetna is one of the oldest insurance firms in the United States; it was founded in 1853 and had been continuously processing Medicare claims since 1966. Today, CVS Health is the owner of Aetna, and the company provides health insurance to more than 39 million people, including 9.2 million people who receive Medicare benefits.

The company provides customers in 46 states and the District of Columbia with a comprehensive range of Medicare Advantage Plan options. These plans offer several additional benefits in addition to medical coverage and are affordable. The company offers both stand-alone prescription plans and Medigap insurance to customers. If you are considering enrolling in Medicare or switching your coverage, you should read this Aetna Medicare Review and become familiar with the Medicare plans offered by Aetna. Aetna's offerings include advantages and disadvantages:

Available Medicare Advantage Plans

Aetna offers Medicare Advantage plans in various flavours, each of which has perks, premiums, and coverage options. The vast majority of plans provide coverage for dental, vision, hearing, and emergency care anywhere in the globe, in addition to rewards for exercise through SilverSneakers. In general, Aetna offers customers the option to select between stand-alone prescription drug plans, Medicare Advantage Plans that do not include coverage for medications, and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans, also known as MAPDs. Forty-one additional states will have access to Aetna Medicare Eagle, the company's Medicare Advantage plan designed specifically for military veterans, by 2022. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides veterans with medical care, and this programme is designed to enhance that care by providing additional resources.

Benefits like hearing aids, over-the-counter medications, dental care, eye care, fitness, and nutrition are often included in most Medicare Advantage plans. These benefits are more widely available than they have ever been. By 2022, more than ninety percent of Medicare Advantage plans will also include coverage for telehealth services. Aetna's Medicare Advantage plans include most of these additional benefits, such as coverage for dental, vision, and hearing care, fitness benefits from SilverSneakers, coverage for over-the-counter medications, and care management to assist members in managing health conditions and a meals-at-home programme.

Concierge services are also available to Aetna's Medicare Use programme members through the company's Resources for Living programme. This programme connects members to community transportation, activities, and programmes, providing domestic assistance, caregiver support, and caregiver training. Members of Aetna's Medicare Use programme can take advantage of these services. The member will not be charged for the concierge call, but the services will require payment.

Satisfaction of the Customer

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) maintains a database of consumer complaints on insurers, including health insurance providers. In its complaint index, the NAIC takes a company's share of complaints in the U.S. market and divides it by the company's percentage of premiums in that market. If the score is less than one, it indicates that the insurer received fewer complaints than predicted, and if it is more significant than one, it indicates that they received more complaints than expected.

Ratings of Excellence for Medicare

When reviewing Medicare Advantage plans and prescription medication coverage, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses a rating scale of five stars for each plan. These scores are determined by how well the plans assist members in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing chronic diseases, as well as how members rate their overall experience with the plan and the customer service it provides. In addition, these scores consider how members rate their overall experience with the plan and the customer service it provides. As a component of the overall ranking, the comments and suggestions made by members have been taken into account here.


The number of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Aetna's various plans, and the overall number of those enrolled in Medicare are both on the rise. They have the chance to develop forward-thinking programmes and increase the range of member benefits as a direct result of their corporate connection with CVS Health. They provide extensive additional benefits and educational material that is easy to understand. Their financial performance is solid, but their customer satisfaction scores are around average, which may impact the quality of service you receive as a member of the organisation.

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