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American National Life Insurance Review (2022) in Detail

Susan Kelly

Feb 07, 2024


American National not only provides a diverse range of coverage options to people and corporations but also has a presence that spans the country. American National makes it easy for those shopping for insurance in any state or territory in the United States to access the various coverage options they offer. It is estimated that the company has more than 4,500 people working for it.

American National Insurance has been given an "A" rating by AM Best, the major global credit rating firm focusing on monitoring the insurance business. This rating indicates that a carrier is an outstanding option for customers looking to purchase insurance. Customers have peace of mind knowing that American National can provide coverage that is assured and secure because they have received a high rating from AM Best, which is a reputable and trustworthy rating agency. In this article we will discuss American National Life Insurance Review.

Policies Available

ANICO provides options for policies including whole life, term life, and universal life. The policyholder's life is covered under a whole life insurance policy, accumulating cash value. Term life policies cover a set amount of time- generally 10, twenty, or thirty-year intervals. In addition, the benefit is paid out if you pass away within the period. While term life plans don't accumulate cash value, they are often significantly more affordable than whole life policies. You can get the life insurance coverage you require from American National, which offers a variety of policies to choose from.

Term Life Insurance

A product known as term life insurance is a type of temporary life insurance. If the policyholder passes away during the policy's term, the beneficiary is assured of receiving the predetermined death benefit amount. Terms of up to 30 years are available from American National. In contrast to permanent life insurance, this particular form of coverage does not have a savings component.

Whole Life Insurance

As long as the policyholder continues to pay their premiums, whole life insurance will continue to pay out a death benefit even after the policyholder has passed away. Two components make up this kind of life insurance: the death benefit and the cash value, which is an element that represents savings.

Universal Life Insurance

The universal life (UL) insurance policy is yet another kind of permanent life insurance that may be purchased from American National. Universal life insurance, much like whole life, provides a death benefit and a cash value to the policyholder. On the other hand, universal policies provide for more leeway. If necessary, you can alter the amount of your premium payment; however, doing so can require you to pay higher premiums in the future.

Are American National Policies Competitive?

Regarding cost, American National's term life insurance consistently ranks among the top 10, give or take. Some other firms, including North American and Sagicor, provide valuable advantages known as critical illness accelerated and chronic disease accelerated benefits.

Customer Service

Our analysis of the ANICO life insurance firm would not be complete without including a discussion of the company's unique and fast underwriting techniques. Along with it comes its universal health standards for individuals at least 61 years old. ANICO's underwriting allows for more significant blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI for patients in this age range. You can be eligible for an ANICO preferred rate if you don't smoke much and have your sleep apnea under control, among other health-related concerns. The same holds even in situations in which other insurance companies might deny you coverage. The company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the best rating to be awarded. Customers adore the speedy underwriting and excellent customer service that the company provides.

Pros Explained

Several riders available: American National makes available for purchase a comprehensive assortment of riders, one of which is an accelerated death benefit rider, among many others. Because these are living benefits, you can access your death benefit even if you haven't yet passed away. Options on whole life with dividend payments: Policyholders of whole life insurance may receive dividends from some companies in the form of a part of the company's profits. American National has a lengthy history of paying dividends, even though these payouts are not guaranteed.

Recognition and Awards

A company's performance is measured by its financial health and how well it serves its customers, which makes providing excellent service essential to a company's overall success. Even though the Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not officially recognise American National as a legitimate business, the BBB has given the organisation an "A+" rating.

In recognition of ANPAC's superior organisational performance management and outstanding customer service, the Missouri Quality Award (MQA) was bestowed upon the company in 2003. It was acknowledged on the "100 Most Trustworthy Companies" list in 2009. The credit rating agency Best gave the company its seventy-fifth consecutive "A" (excellent) grade in 2017, making this the company's seventy-fifth consecutive year of receiving this rating.


American National provides residents of all 50 states with a wide selection of options for life insurance policies. The American National Insurance Company offers a diverse range of insurance policies that could be suitable for your requirements. These policies include term life, whole life, universal life, and indexed universal life products. It offers competitive prices on its term insurance, and customers of its whole-life plans are entitled to receive dividends. However, considering its size, the number of complaints received by the company was more than expected, and its website provides only a limited amount of information.

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