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All About the Best Contract Management Software

Susan Kelly

Jan 27, 2024


The best contract management software allows users to keep tabs on and organize their contracts at any stage. Software of this type also aids businesses with things like compliance management and renewal notifications, as well as the collection of digital signatures, the administration of contract templates, the storage of documents, and the management of document revisions.


The business was established in 2011. Using PandaDoc's user-friendly software, you can easily manage the full contracting cycle. The program stands out as the best all-around option for businesses of any size, thanks to its low price and extensive features. PandaDoc's easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, rich media support, and customizable templates make it a great choice for creating professional documents. It also allows you to design your workflows, processes, and rules. Connectivity to 15 customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics, has been well received by customers.


  • Access to any Agreement, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Your legal agreements will always be neatly filed away in Trackado. No matter where you are, you have instant and electronic access to your contracts.
  • Keep the due dates at the forefront of your mind.
  • Contract milestones and important dates can be easily tracked with automated reminders.
  • Total openness with money matters
  • You now have full visibility into the financials of your contract because you have all the relevant information in one place.


The company was founded in 2014, and its intuitive interface helps enterprises monitor and adjust compliance levels. Concord is the best option for large businesses, thanks to its unlimited storage space and reliable connections. Concord looks a lot like Gmail at first glance. Setup takes minutes, and there's full onboarding help available with every plan. You're free to use it if you're not a fan of the Concord interface but are familiar with Google Drive.


By using Jira as its backbone, work can be transferred between groups without any disruption, and everyone can stay in sync with the overall goal. Start with a sample workflow or create one from scratch. We used Jira boards to go from working in silos to a unified whole. Scrum and Kanban boards in Jira Software can be customized to fit your team's specific process. Improve communication and productivity. Don't get off the rails, even if the train stops. Use updated roadmaps to depict the big picture, share your plans with stakeholders, and ensure everyone on your team is on the same page.

Benefits of Contract Management Software

There are many benefits to using contract software for professionals and business owners.

Centralizing information.

Contract management software allows files about a given contract to be stored in a centralized location and quickly located through a simple search. The use of this method ensures that all contracts are kept safely. As a bonus, this tool helps account managers keep tabs on the renewal period and the contractual obligations.

Collaborative authoring.

Complex contracts involving multiple internal divisions or external vendors are the norm for large corporations. As a result, various groups can devise their own rules before patching them together. Because of this, the parties to a contract may come to a different understanding of its terms. By enabling multiple parties to work together in creating contracts and agree on specific sections and language, contract management software can help close these gaps and foresee and prevent potential conflicts.

Enforcement of compliance.

Milestones in contracts, such as annual review dates and the end of the contract term, can be monitored with the help of contract software. In addition, the software can send alerts to account managers when a contract is about to reach a milestone, and it can escalate reports when there is a break in the standard procedure. Thanks to these features, time-sensitive deliverables can be made possible, and any resulting penalties or extra expenses can be mitigated.

Contract Risk Management Software (CRMS) For Capital Projects

Capital expenditure (capex) projects are examples of large-scale business endeavors involving many stakeholders and uncertainty. In contrast to standard operating agreements, they include mutually agreed-upon deadlines. Parties need to have positive working relationships when the scale and complexity of special projects increase. For this reason, contract management software (also known as contract risk management software or CRMS) needs to be adaptive and quick to change.

Assumptions must be made at the outset of the process, and those assumptions will likely evolve as the project progresses into the contract's implementation phase. As a result, CRMS needs to keep track of every instance in which a negotiated change to contract terms is made and incorporate those changes openly and safely. When there are many people with a stake in the outcome of a decision, CRMS should help increase clarity and streamline the process of making quick calls on variations.


Whether you need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or an agreement with a third party, you can manage everything online with full transparency using software for contract management. Everything that happens in the course of a contract, from beginning to end, includes Make ready for paperwork. The document is being forwarded in the direction of the defendant. The document can be edited, and changes are highlighted in red. Negotiations. Methods of authorization. Renewals and alterations are done every year. Testing for agreement or agreement. Storage for long-term agreements.

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